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Psychology of Leadership: Teams

Psychology of Leadership: Teams

Autor*in: Quaquebeke, Prof. Dr. Niels Van

Jahr: 2020


"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." - Michael Jordan - Whether in permanent teams or ad-hoc project teams, we spend much of our work life working together in teams without a second thought. But successful teamwork is about so much more than just bringing together a group of individuals. To get a team to effectively work with each other, it needs a deep understanding of the naturally occurring functional and dysfunctional team dynamics. The question for leaders is hence how to actively manage teams so that the productive forces are supported, while the destructive ones are minimized. Against this background, the internationally renowned organizational psychologist, Prof. Niels Van Quaquebeke, takes participants of this leadership seminar on a deep dive into the psychology of teams. As part of it, the expert walks participants through the conscious choices that need to be made around who you take in and how you can bring out the talents and abilities of each one in a way that the team as a unit can actually perform better than the sum of the individuals. Additional topics covered include: how to do diversity management right, how to develop a productive team spirit, and how to ensure that team decision-making leads to optimal results. Good meetings make for productive teamwork - As soon as teamwork is involved, meetings are inevitable. This online seminar highlights some best practices regarding the management of meetings, whether it is for improved decision-making or increased creativity. Leadership makes all the difference here. Find out how to do it right. An exciting learning journey awaits you - Becoming a better leader requires continuous learning. Every day is an opportunity to learn more about your team and the role that you play in it. This seminar helps you not only to understand some of the naturally occurring team dynamics, but also how you can step up to the plate and be the leader your team needs in order for it to realize its full potential. Follow up with parts 1 and 3, "Psychology of Leadership: Individuals" and "Psychology of Leadership: Organizations".

Titel: Psychology of Leadership: Teams

Autor*in: Quaquebeke, Prof. Dr. Niels Van

Verlag: Zeit Akademie

Kategorie: eLearning, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Leadership & Change

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