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The Psychology of Negotiation

The Psychology of Negotiation

Autor*in: Quaquebeke, Prof. Dr. Niels Van

Jahr: 2021


The psychological view of negotiations - The core element of any negotiation are the people that find themselves within it. This negotiation training is therefore a crash course in psychology, condensed on the most relevant aspects for negotiations. The knowledge will help you develop confidence for the negotiation process. It enables you to understand yourself and your negotiation partner better - whether in a business meeting with decision-makers or in everyday situations. You will be surprised how easy it is to be one step ahead of your counterpart. Why negotiations are becoming increasingly relevant - The trends towards globalization, individualization, and social discourse mean that negotiations are becoming increasingly relevant. Everything that can be negotiated will be negotiated: the question is whether in your favor. To prepare you optimally, in this video course, ZEIT Akademie lecturer Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke introduces you to some basic and advanced topics of negotiations. Afterwards, you will be able to comprehensively analyze yourself, the other party, and the negotiation situation. Based on this, you will learn various practical negotiation strategies and tactics- as well as how to defend against them. You may have heard of "anchoring", but do you know about "scope creep"? And how do you behave when your negotiating partner suggests simply splitting the difference "fairly"? Get on board and enjoy the dance of professional negotiations. Learn to negotiate with win-win approaches so that both sides benefit - Most people think of negotiations in terms of win-lose strategies. These strategies are about dividing up the proverbial pie. The principle here is: what one party gets, the other party does not. However, there are also numerous win-win negotiation options. This method of negotiation is all about finding ways to increase the proverbial pie or creative dividing it up in such a way that in the end both parties are satisfied because both get what they want without having to compromise. This not only requires the right mindset but also concrete communicative tools, which you will learn in this course. A good contract, digital negotiations and ethical considerations - At the end of the course, it's all about negotiating in the digital world. What do you need to keep in mind when you are not sitting face to face? How can you negotiate in the digital realm, and what common mistakes should you avoid? In the web-based training you will learn the art of getting a good deal and, in all that, how to also check your ethics. Learning with examples from practice - The comprehensive course covers numerous practical examples and dives into the experience of the lecturer from over 15 years of training and negotiation support. With concrete exercises, you can transfer the knowledge to your everyday work. Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke provides you with the tools to get more out of the course for your own company and also for yourself.

Titel: The Psychology of Negotiation

Autor*in: Quaquebeke, Prof. Dr. Niels Van

Verlag: Zeit Akademie

Kategorie: eLearning, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Soft Skills

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