die Onleihe Verbund Rheinland Pfalz. The Colon Cancer Diet




Do you or a loved one have a diagnosis of colon cancer? Did you know that changing your diet could lower your risk of dying of it even after you've been diagnosed?You didn't? Neither did I. When I was diagnosed with colon cancer I found the best answers available in the medical literature. Oh, did I mention the research is all in medicalese, the most boring language on the planet? Lucky for me I worked as a Naturopathic Doctor before I got cancer, so I can read medicalese.When you finish this book I want you to be able to tell me, in one minute or less, how you should eat, exercise, and supplement to lower your risk of dying of colon cancer. If you can do that, please tell me and everyone else in a book review and on my website.It's terrible to be where we are. But we have choices, and this book is my way of giving us direction and hope.

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